The Noble County Economic Development Corporation exists to help you grow. We can help you move or expand your business in Noble County and determine which incentives are best for you. Our partnerships with agencies in the city, county, region and state will facilitate the process and help you obtain all the incentives available to your company. We are committed to being the go-to resource for your move or expansion. 

Property Tax Abatements 
Tax phase-in gives local government the option of allowing certain businesses to phase-in those new taxes that would otherwise be assessed to their property because of new building construction or the purchase of equipment used for manufacturing, research and development, logistical distribution and information technology. 

Industrial Revenue Bonds 
Industrial Revenue Bonds, also called Economic Development Revenue Bonds, provide financing for economic development projects. The proceeds from the bonds, which can be issued by a local government, are loaned to businesses to pay for buildings or other capital investment projects. The bonds must be paid back by the company. As the issuer of the bonds, the local government’s participation typically results in favorable interest rates and longer terms. Most often, these bonds are tax exempt. 

CEDIT Incentive Pool 
This is offered as a loan or grant from Noble County to a company. Grants are offered to companies paying employees an average annual wage equal to or greater than the Noble County MSA wage. The amount of the loan or grant is based on the number of jobs created and the average annual wages paid. 

Tax Increment Financing 
TIF districts are established through redevelopment commissions. New taxes generated as a result of development in the TIF may be used as debt service on bonds issued for the purpose of developments and improvements in the area. Proceeds from the bonds may be used to construct public improvements on roads, sewers, etc.